10 Brief Reminders to Help You Declutter Your Mind


Decluttering offers amazing benefits from more space and time to better energy and less anxiety but it doesn’t stop there. Declutter your mind for even more benefits. The results aren’t as immediate as decluttering your kitchen or your closet, but once you begin to change the way you think, you’ll be more at ease, have more clarity and become more comfortable with uncertainty.

Just like any kind of decluttering, slow and consistent change and attention will help you more than trying to transform overnight or in 21-days or less. This kind of changing lasts a lifetime for most of us.

10 Brief Reminders That Will Help You Declutter Your Mind


Quotes to help you declutter your mind

The things you are worrying about haven’t happened. You’ve moved into the future … a future that you cannot predict or worry yourself in or out of. Bring yourself back to the present by placing your hands on your heart or by taking a big deep breath. Feel your feet on the ground.

2. Quotes to Help You Declutter Your Mind

In my experience, rushing only slows you down. It takes as long as it takes.


Quotes to help you declutter your mind

Just stop for a minute and feel how it feels to be alive, to be you, to be in the world. And then do it again tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that.

Keep checking in. Show up. Be a witness to your life. Photo: Tessa Woolf

4. Quotes to Help You Declutter Your Mind

Underneath the excess and the extra, the busyness and the chaos, your heart is waiting. Slow down and tap in. Remember who you are and what matters to you.

5. Quotes to help you declutter your mind

Don’t use simplicity to have a simple life. Use it to have a lower-stress life. Use simplicity to have a happier life. Use it to figure out what matters to you so can have a life that makes you smile many times a day.

Additionally … don’t wait to be happy. Don’t wait until you get everything figured out, until you are clutter free or debt free or married or single. Don’t wait for the world to be right. Don’t wait for other people to make you happy.

You get to enjoy moments of happiness even when things are chaotic, scary, sad, uncertain or frustrating. Just don’t wait. Happiness is so good. You deserve some right now. Take it, enjoy it, smile with it, and don’t forget to tell your loves that they can be happy too. Art: @lizakhins.

6. Declutter Your Mind

I’m practicing this. It’s not perfect but the more I practice, the quicker I come back from not being okay. Thank you for these thoughtful words @kateeckman.

7. Quotes to help you declutter your mind.

That part isn’t up to you. Imagine how good it would feel to let that go. Image and quote via @glowmaven.


You are not your past. You are not who people think you should be. You are not your job. You aren’t what you ate or drank last night. You aren’t your bad behavior. You aren’t your good behavior either. You are not what you think people think about you. You aren’t even what you think about you. You aren’t your stuff. You aren’t your calendar. You are not your to-do list, even when all the boxes are checked. You aren’t the bad thing someone said you are. You aren’t the good thing either. You are not your best day and you are not your worst.

When life gets busy, complicated, and overwhelming, it’s easy to forget who you are, but you can find your way back. Keep coming back because every time you do, you’ll know what matters and what doesn’t, what makes you smile and what doesn’t. You’ll know what’s real and what isn’t. Sometimes remembering only lasts for a day or two so you have to keep coming back.

If you’ve forgotten. Sit down. Close your eyes. Breathe. Put your hands on your heart. Repeat forever.

9. Quotes to Help You Declutter Your Mind

We have to keep reminding each other that we can choose. We can say no. We can make a life we love. Art: @abbiepaulhus.

10. Quotes that will help you declutter your mind.

Our thoughts are not always true. We aren’t always right or wrong or good or bad. We are not required to act on our thoughts or even address them. They can just pass by. Declutter your mind by admitting that your thoughts are just thoughts and you don’t have to believe every single one of them.

Take time to simplify your life, declutter your mind and connect with your heart.


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