35 Life Changing Kitchen Organization Ideas


Create the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of with these 35 Life Changing Kitchen Organization Ideas!

Clean, organized kitchen with these 35 kitchen organization ideas!

35 Life Changing Kitchen Organization Ideas

1. Organize your pantry

Start with the area that nobody sees! An organized pantry is essential for an orderly, peaceful kitchen. Here are 20 Brilliant Pantry Organization Ideas!

2. Clean out what you don’t need

The next step? Go through your entire kitchen and access what you really need and don’t need. Haven’t used that kitchen gadget in over a year? It might be time to get rid of it and make space!

3. Use a food container lid organizer

One of the most unorganized areas of our kitchens tends to be our food container lid storage. Can you relate? Organize your food containers and lids with this organizer!

4. Make a place for food containers

Along with organizing lids, food containers need to have a designated place. Make sure to take the time to find a good place for them and invest in matching, stackable food containers for easy, organized storage!

5. Utilize organization racks

Organization racks can be a lifesaver, especially in a small kitchen. Try out this hanging kitchen organization rack to store produce, kitchen gadgets, and more!

6. Embrace open shelving for more space

Embrace open shelving for a organized spacious kitchen!

Open shelving can be a great solution to create more space! Add your most beautiful dishes, clear glass storage containers, mason jars, and decor to open shelves to give your kitchen a spacious, open feel.

7. Use drawer organizers

Drawer organizers can also be life-changing when it comes to kitchen organization tips and tricks! This bamboo kitchen drawer organizer is great for silverware and utensils.

8. Pull out cabinet drawers

Pull out cabinet drawers allow for easy storage in the very back spaces of your cabinets! They’re easy to use and worth the installation effort. Use these amazing pull out cabinet drawers to make your kitchen space more efficient!

9. Add plants & fresh herbs

Keeping fresh herbs and live plants in your kitchen are a great way to give it a natural, open, clean feel. It’s also great to have fresh herbs on hand for easy cooking (and they smell amazing)!

10. Coffee pod organizer

This under cabinet coffee pod organizer is a brilliant way to keep coffee pods and other small everyday items organized!

11. Use a can rack

Add a stackable can rack organizer to your pantry to keep cans organized and easy to find!

12. Use a kitchen cart

A kitchen cart can make a space look beautiful. Save space by adding a microwave, coffee machine, or blender to your kitchen cart!

13. Cabinet organizer for baking sheets and cutting boards

This adjustable bakeware rack is perfect for organizing baking sheets, cutting boards, and platters. This rack keeps everything upright and visible, making it super easy to find.

14. Keep countertops spacious

Keeping clutter off of your kitchen countertops will change the way you see your kitchen. This is so important and can make a really big impact! Stow away those paper towels with a paper towel cabinet mount, remove clutter from your sink with a sink caddy, and keep the decor to a minimum. Kitchens feel the most organized when the countertops are clear!

15. Invest in stackable cookware

Stackable cookware is a must for making more room in cabinets. You can save up to 45% more space with stackable cookware! That’s a lot of extra space!

16. Minimize utensils

You’d be surprised at how many kitchen utensils you can live without! Plus, the added space you get from de-cluttering the utensils is so worth it. Go through all of your utensils and only keep what you really use!

17. Use a utensil rack

Make the most of your vertical space! Having a utensil rack keeps your most used tools in view, nearby, and ready-to-use.

18. Make use of dead space

Everyone’s kitchen is different, so everyone’s dead space will look different too. Take a good look at your kitchen, find those unique places, and get creative! Do you have extra space beside your refrigerator? Use a pull-out spice drawer. Put your trash can under your sink. Or if possible, hang a floating shelf above your sink!

19. Make use of cabinet doors

Use simple hooks inside your cabinets to hang pot holders, towels, or utensils. Get spice clips to hang your spices inside your cabinet door. Or, you can also use your cabinet doors to keep your most loved kitchen recipes so that they are easy to find!

20. Use baskets

Use baskets in your kitchen for organization!

Baskets are wonderful and very useful in the kitchen!  Use them in the pantry, under the sink, in the cabinets, and even on the wall. They are the perfect way to organize small things and keeping your kitchen tidy.

21. Hanging fruit basket

This hanging fruit basket is the best for storing those fresh fruits and veggies!

22. Invest in see-through containers

These containers are perfect for easy monitoring and identifying your food. They’re also airtight and great for stacking!

23. Cut down on measuring devices

Measuring devices can take up an ample amount of space. It’s good to have a set for liquids and a set for dry ingredients.  Only keep what you need!

24. Place your coffee bar in the dining room

Having your coffee bar in the dining room can make so much more space in the kitchen! It’s also perfect for when guests are in town. Everything for coffee is in the same space and easy to find!

25. Invest in an aesthetically pleasing drying rack

This collapsible drying rack is wonderful for drying dishes. Dishes dry faster when on a drying rack. The faster those dishes dry, the faster they can get put away and leave you feeling better about your kitchen.

26. Install small shelves on a cabinet end

Need more space? Installing small shelves on a cabinet end is a great way to utilize extra space and still keep things tidy!

27. Use bins everywhere

Use these bins in your pantry or in your refrigerator. They are perfect for fruit, veggies, snacks, or drinks!

28. Keep the junk drawer cleaned out

Believe it or not, a clean junk drawer is NOT an oxymoron! Throw out those expired coupons, unwanted business cards, and broken rubber bands. This battery organizer keeps those batteries from rolling around your junk drawer. A good drawer organizer is also key for keeping this space useful and organized!

29. Hang linens and towels

Linens and towels take up lots of space in drawers. Hang them up and make extra room in your kitchen!

30. Lazy Susans are your friend

Lazy Susans come in all different sizes. They aren’t just for cabinets either. Use them in your refrigerator or pantry to make finding items a breeze!

31. Stackable shelves are everything

You can easily make 2-3 times more space by using stackable shelves. They are a must!

32. Hang cutting boards on wall space

Hanging your cutting boards makes them easily accessible, they leave room in your cabinets, and it makes for great decor for the kitchen!

33. Add an extra shelf on top of cabinets

This is great for storing cookbooks or items that you only use once or twice a year.

34. Hang knives on a magnetic knife strip

Another great way to save countertop or drawer space is to use a magnetic knife strip. This is a great option for kitchen organization!

35. Pegboard as backsplash

The sky is the limit with a pegboard backsplash. Hang anything from your favorite ladle to your potholders!