Banana Bars


Banana Bars

These old-fashioned Banana Bars with chocolate chips are the epitome of snack-meets-dessert (or is it dessert-meets-snack?) stardom.

Squares of healthy Banana Bars with chocolate chips

Wholesome enough to fly as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up but scrumptious enough to satisfy sweet cravings, this healthy-dessert-meets-anytime-munchie is a recipe you can feel great packing for your kids’ lunches or rewarding yourself with after (or during!) a long day, and they travel well for potlucks and picnics too.

One of the reasons I adore banana recipes like these Banana Bars so much is that they allow me to sweeten up my baked goods more naturally.

Ripe bananas are sweet on their own, making them ideal for healthy desserts like these Banana Oatmeal Cookies with Chocolate Chips and these Healthy No Bake Cookies.

And when a dessert is better for you? You can feel great eating it more often. These Banana Bars are made from less processed ingredients and offer nutritional benefits too.

A happy handful of chocolate chips on top certainly doesn’t hurt their appeal either!


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