How To Establish Healthy Eating Habits


New to healthy eating? Here’s how to establish healthy eating habits – and stick with them!

Toast with cream cheese and walnuts.

Healthy eating is hard. Let’s be honest. In today’s society, there is unhealthy temptation everywhere we go!

But making longterm changes to your diet and mindset are essential for giving your body the nourishment it needs. If you’re looking to finally, truly establish healthy eating habits that will be long lasting, then this post is for you!

How To Establish Healthy Eating Habits

1. Make a plan

A plan is everything when it comes to healthy eating! Find a guide or nutrition plan that is realistic for your lifestyle. This will help you know where to start and give you a goal for healthy eating!

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2. Journal

Setting goals and sticking to them works better when they’re written down! Use a food journal to keep track of what you’re eating everyday. This will help you move towards your goals and keep your healthy eating plan organized!

3. Clean out your kitchen

Get rid of everything that temps you in the wrong direction! Anything that doesn’t fit into your new healthy eating plan doesn’t belong in your home. Have people over to share these foods with them, take them with you to work, or donate what you can!

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4. Stock your kitchen

Stock your refrigerator and pantry with the healthiest essentials! Keep frozen vegetables and fruit on hand, healthy snacks, and other items that you can turn to. Along with that, be sure to stock your kitchen with healthy fruit and vegetables (washed, cut, and ready to eat) so that you are more likely to turn to these healthy options! Read more about how to stock your kitchen for healthy eating HERE.

5. Incorporate exercise

Healthy eating and exercise go hand in hand! Workout 3-5 days a week to encourage you to make healthy decisions throughout your day.

6. Change your mindset

Going out to eat? Your mindset will make or break your healthy eating progress. Create a healthy eating habit of thinking about nourishing your body. What foods will nourish you the most? What items on the menu have the most nutrition? While there are many temptations out there, having this mindset can set you up to eat healthy for life!

7. Stick to it and repeat!

It’s easy to eat healthy for a few days and then splurge for several days. But if you want real results and want to truly eat healthy for the long run, then sticking to it is essential! Allow yourself room for splurging on a meal or dessert here and there, but aim to eat healthy and nourish your body as much as possible!

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