Lemon Rice


Luscious Lemon Rice reporting for side dish duty! It’s creamy, healthy, and a glorious iteration of that serendipitous place where super simple meets ultra effective. Follow this recipe and punch up the pizzazz factor of your plate!

Easy and Healthy Creamy Lemon Rice with Herbs

Over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed a common denominator with many of my main dishes: I recommend serving them with rice. (Starter reference: Egg Roll in a Bowl, Red Lentil Curry, Sheet Pan Chicken with Rainbow Vegetables, and every one of these healthy stir fry recipes).

Did I give much thought to said rice, however? NOPE.

Long ago, I committed to choosing brown rice over regular white rice for the greater health benefits (fiber! protein! nutrients!), and now I prefer its mildly nutty flavor. Beyond the whole-grain decision, however, I didn’t consider much else.

One bite of Lemon Rice, and I realized how egregiously I’d been ignoring rice’s potential. Not only is Lemon Rice healthy, but it is absolutely scrumptious.

With a few minor, so-easy-it-barely-counts tweaks, you can make a creamy, flavorful Lemon Rice that will instantly elevate your at-home dinner experience. It’s a subtle but impactful change that you’ll thank yourself for with every forkful. (more…)

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