Quotes About Boundaries to Help You Set and Honor Them


These quotes about boundaries will do more than just help you set and honor your boundaries. They will help you understand why setting boundaries can feel uncomfortable and why we have to set them anyway.

Boundaries have become an essential part of how I’ve simplified my life and how I take care of my mental and physical wellbeing. These quotes and ideas resonate with me at different times and having them here in one place is a good reminder that talking about boundaries, and how we struggle with them is going to make it easier for all of us to take care of ourselves and strengthen our relationships.

10 Quotes about Boundaries to Help you Set and Honor Them


quotes about boundaries

It sounds so obvious that we get what we accept but seeing these words will remind me to question my behavior first.


Quotes about boundaries

I’ve definitely identified as a people pleaser but I thought it was because I was “good” or “nice” or “helpful.” Even though some of those things may have been true, this explanation makes so much more sense. People pleasers really struggle with boundaries and now I understand why.


quotes about boundaries

Thanks for this reminder @peacefulmindpeacefullife. How people react to your boundaries says more about them than it does about you or the boundary itself.


This really helps us know what words to use when communicating a boundary (and what words not to use). Dr. Nicole LePera says, “Without boundaries in our lives we feel constant chaos. Almost like we’re “on call” for other people. This can lead to self neglect.”

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If you need to set boundaries for your own mental and/or physical wellbeing, do it. Don’t worry about who you might upset. That part isn’t up to you. If you feel guilty for setting boundaries or saying no, please read this.


quotes about boundaries

I love this reminder from Courtney at Mombo Jombo. Do you take care of yourself? Do you honor your boundaries? Poet Rudy Francisco says, “Perhaps we should love ourselves so fiercely, that when others see us, they know exactly how it should be done.” The way to so fiercely loving ourselves is by taking really good care of ourselves.


quotes about boundaries

The more we honor our own boundaries, the more open we can be when others share a boundary with us. Let’s put our egos aside and consider how a boundary can improve communication and the depth of a relationship. Boundaries are not an insult. Thanks for this image Tiny Buddha.


quotes about boundaries

Terri Cole knows boundaries. I love the phrase “auto-accomodating” that she uses here. Terri says, “Auto-Accommodating isn’t just having difficulty saying no when you want to…it goes beyond that into compulsively feeling responsible to make everything and everyone around you feel OK…so you can feel OK. And really even then you don’t or at least not for long because there is always another disaster to avert or conflict to de-escalate…am I right?⠀

This can be particularly evident in those who identify as highly sensitive or keenly empathic and the energy that it takes to constantly have your antennas up and feel responsible for ALL THE THINGS is exhausting and negatively impacts your physical, mental and emotional health.”

If this resonates with you, learn more at terricole.com.


quotes about boundaries

Just a light-hearted reminder from @hellosunshine that you can say no anytime you want to.


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