The 5 Best Vegan Protein Powders (Honest Review)


Looking for a vegan protein powder that is nutritious, low calorie, made with plant-based protein, and actually tastes delicious? Here is our honest review of the 5 best vegan protein powders!

Finding a good plant-based protein can be a challenge. What if it tastes chalky? Or has a fake sugar aftertaste? There’s nothing worse than buying an entire tub of protein powder only to find that it’s terrible. We’ve all been there!

Today, we’re sharing our honest review of the best vegan protein powders around! Each of these were tested for taste, texture, and nutrition. Here are our The 5 Best Vegan Protein Powders!

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The 5 Best Vegan Protein Powders Review

1. Arbonne Protein Shake

We’ve been raving about this protein shake since the first time that we tried it! With 20 g of protein and 24 vitamins and minerals, it’s plant-powered protein is made from peas, rice, and cranberries. The Arbonne Protein Shake is a complete protein! The best part? It ACTUALLY TASTES GOOD! The texture is smooth, the flavor tastes amazing, and it doesn’t have that fake-sugar taste or leave an aftertaste. If you’re looking for a protein shake that’s delicious completely on it’s own, this is it!

The Arbonne Protein Shake is reviewed as our #1 Best Vegan Protein Powder. Try it out HERE in Vanilla, Chocolate, or Chai!

2. Tone It Up Plant-Based Protein

The Tone It Up Organic Protein is another delicious option! It’s made from a blend of pea and pumpkin seed protein and contains zero sugar, making it unique and ideal for adding to recipes. Sweetened with Monk Fruit Extract, this protein powder is smooth and tastes delicious! It also comes in fun flavors, such as coconut, cafe latte, matcha, and peanut butter. Try it out HERE!

3. Aloha Protein

Aloha protein powder is known for it’s perfectly sweet and delicious flavors! While the texture does tend to be a little on the gritty side, it’s flavor and nutrition highly compensate for it. This protein powder is perfect for adding to baking recipes, protein pancakes, and smoothies!

4. Garden of Life Organic Protein

The Garden of Life protein powder has 22 g of complete protein and 13 raw sprouts! It’s also sugar-free (made without stevia) and made with other raw food and vitamins/minerals. The overall flavor is balanced and good, so it’s perfect for adding to smoothies and drinks. This protein powder comes in several flavors (including an unflavored version for baking recipes)!

5. Vega One® All-in-One Shake

The Vega One® All-in-One Shake is another great option for plant-based protein! While the taste and texture tends to be a little more gritty and chalky when compared to others, this protein powder is loaded with nutrition and even includes greens (which is a definite plus). This protein shake is great for adding to smoothies and recipes!

Recipes to make with the best vegan protein powder:

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