Time-Honored Health Advice That Makes No Sense


Fake news is harming your health

Woman sitting on sofa and using tablet.

Some age-old wisdom about achieving and maintaining good health has withstood the test of time—and scientific study. For example, chicken soup really has medicinal properties, and an apple a day just might keep the doctor away. Other well-known adages have been debunked…but are still largely believed. How do these health “facts” take hold? Sometimes, something’s been said so many times by people we trust (um, hi, Mom and Grandma), we just start to accept it as fact. And sometimes, something just sounds good and we want a quick fix. “It’s 2019, and we’re more tired than ever before, we’re more overweight than ever before, and we have more autoimmune diseases than ever before,” says Kylene Bogden, RDN, a Cleveland-based registered dietitian nutritionist who works with NBA athletes and is the co-founder of FWDfuel Sports Nutrition. “People will do anything they can to get a step ahead and feel a little better. That’s why they can go nuts and jump on these bandwagons.” But for truly better health, you should jump off the following bandwagons.

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